Items for Sale

Having nearly completed the build and got the car through the IVA, its time to have a bit of a clear out in the garage. I've already listed a few bits on the Cobra forum but thought I'd add a page to the website as the next few bits could probably do with pictures.

Mr Gaskit - Hilborne Style Scoop - 150.00

Bought this when I thought I was going to run dual carbs, never did though so this is 100% brand new in the box and complete with all original fixings and air filter.

Carb Spacer- 10.00

Brand new from Summit Racing as can been seen here.

Fuel Pump Blank - 5.00

Not used but not looking that new either from Summit Racing as can been seen here.

Steering Knuckles - 20.00

Used items as supplied by Dax.